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Duncan’s charity is The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation is fully committed and focused on the following Vasculitis objectives:

  • To raise and maintain a national awareness of Vasculitis.
  • To fund and produce guidance materials and services to support Vasculitis patients.
  • To provide funding grants to dedicated Vasculitis research projects that focus on causes and improved treatments.
  • To provide assistance to Vasculitis patients with mobility and healthcare aides.
  • To fund and manage LCTF national Support Groups for greater patient support and networking.
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We are three guys who are from the area of Mid-Argyll on the very beautiful and scenic West coast of Scotland. Blair Johnston, John Kennedy and Duncan McGregor. Although we consider this area to always be where we are from and our home, Blair and Duncan live in the Glasgow area, and John is from Ardrishaig. It is our aim to climb Mount Kilamanjaro in order to raise money for charities that are close to our hearts.

We are supporting 3 charities that set out to alleviate and treat conditions and diseases that our family members either have passed away from or are still suffering from. These charities are:

Blair - Rainbow valley, Bishopton, Glasgow. - Visit their website

Rainbow Valley will be a centre which will offer cancer patients the opportunity to learn more about their condition and to experience (free of charge) preventative and self-help therapies, which aim to help relax the patient and promote positivity out with hospital, in tranquil surroundings. The facility will be available to the cancer patient before, in between and after treatments, giving guidance on a comprehensive and integrative approach to their cancer care. Rainbow Valley will also promote healthy living through encouragement of sport, exercise and education of the power of good nutrition

John- Multiple Sclerosis centre Lochgilphead, Mid-Argyll. - Visit their website

The centre provides therapies and support to people with MS. Therapies include oxygen treatment, physiotherapy, massage, and tailored exercise classes such as yoga and Pilates, while a range of support is available, from general drop-in chats to counselling to dietary advice. The centre provides dance classes, and also offers hairdressing. Each MS therapy centre is an individual charity which relies on dedicated volunteers and donors who give freely of their time and money to help people with MS

Duncan - Lauren Currie twilight foundation, Kilmarnock. - Visit their website

Lauren's charity is supporting patients throughout the UK and is dedicated to four key objectives - raising awareness, educating patients, researching the disease and supporting patients with a range of specialised services. The charity currently funds two major research projects at the University of Aberdeen and one is already making significant findings with the disease. We have also just funded a new drug trial with less toxic medication at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Our next project in 2014 is to launch our respite cabin in Dalavich in Argyll & Bute. The cabin will provide free respite breaks in the area for children and adults affected by Vasculitis.


We are going to be very busy organising and fundraising. In total we have to raise at least £12,000 to pay for the trip and to raise good funds for our chosen charities. Funds raised will be equally split amongst the three charities. 


ANY help whatsoever to help us reach our goal and fundraising target would be greatly appreciated!!

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