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At 1344 metres (4408 feet), Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Britain. Situated near the coastal

town of Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland, the mountain draws walkers, climbers

and mountain bikers from all over the world all year-round.

You’ll ascend and descend the “Pony Track”, so called because the original path was constructed in the 1880s for

the ponies which carried stores to the manned observatory on the summit plateau. This is now no more than a

badly derelict building, however the path remains. The route is pretty rocky and snow cover remains significant

well into early Summer. The route offers some spectacular views over the surrounding mountains and beyond!


As a rough guide to achieve a sub-24 hour time, participants should aim to achieve these times on the route:

3 hours climb, 2 hours descent.

Fort William has many outdoor sports and climbing shops, good accommodation and places to eat. It is popular

with tourists in the summer, so you should arrange accommodation (if required) well in advance.


Scafell Pike is located in the western area of the Lake District National Park and is mostly owned by the

National Trust. During the summer months, Wasdale Head and the surrounding area becomes very busy with

visitors, many car parks and facilities becoming full to capacity. Access roads into the area are small, mostly

single track, and can quickly become congested.Our drivers know the best timings and routes in/out of the

area to avoid this congestion.

At 978 metres (3209 feet) Scafell Pike often surprises walkers with its rocky and rugged paths, becoming very

steep and unrelenting towards the top. Lower paths are well defined and fairly gentle, but this is not the case

as you progress up the mountain.

The summit of Scafell Pike is very often shrouded in mist and its rocky plateau can slow your progress

considerably as extra care has to be taken, particularly in descent when ankles can easily be turned on the

uneven surface.


You’ll start from the Green at Wasdale Head. After crossing a field and contouring around Lingmell you’ll head

straight up Lingmell Gill. Crossing the river and climbing more steeply over Brown Tongue, you’ll bear left on

the main path here. Hollow Stones provides a challenge for most walkers as the path becomes less defined in

the area, requiring great attention to the surrounding terrain. At Lingmell Col you’ll bear right for the final

climb to the summit. Descent follows the same route down Lingmell Gill, with a clearly dened right turn

near the bottom, to take you to your waiting vehicles for hot food and drinks on the Green at Wasdale Head!


2 ¾ hours climb ,

1 ¾ hour descent.


At 1085 metres (3560 feet) Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. Sitting high above the Llanberis Pass and surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Snowdonia National Park it’s easy to see why Snowdon is often referred to as “the jewel of Wales”! Popular with rock climbers and walkers alike, many people climb the mountain each year. The last peak in the challenge, and will be climbed from the Pen-y-pass Car Park using

the Pyg Track.


The Pyg Track is well used and can be very popular throughout the year, it also serves as one route to the base of Crib Goch and is used by scramblers and climbers, as well as walkers. Starting from Pen-y-pass, the route climbs steadily to meet the summit ridge, the summit itself is just a short walk from here. An alternative route via the "miners' track" is not worth considering for this challenge due to its final steep climb, loose shale and scree underfoot, hidden mine workings and fissures. The descent will be via the Llanberis path. At the finish we’ll present you with a certificate to mark your achievement! Showers and refreshment will also be available (please see the extras section for details).


2¼ hours climb, 1¾ hour descent.

(Or whatever time you have left! )

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